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TankTie for Bajaj Dominar 250/400

TankTie for Bajaj Dominar 250/400

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TankTie for Bajaj Dominar 250 / 400 provides an ideal blend of protection for your motorcycle. This stylish tank protector is designed to minimize wear and tear. The lightweight, durable material is waterproof and long-lasting, delivering reliable protection with a touch of sophistication.

How to Install:

  1. Clean the surface completely and make sure no Wax or Polish is applied on surface.
  2. For best results, clean the surface with Alcohol based Sanitizer. Let it Dry.
  3. Position the Product and find the best position for pasting. Use a white pencil to mark the position.
  4. Remove the Protective film of Double Sided Tape and place the product on pre-decided position.
  5. Press it firmly. Avoid washing or cleaning for 24Hours.

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